"E2K" - Sales Strategies in the Economy - The Promise

ticků ticků ticků Do you ever hear that noise? That's the sound of your company's decreasing market share as customers go online to buy from your competitors. As it becomes increasingly more difficult for a company to maintain a competitive advantage with its prices, services, and products, the innovative use of alternative channels must be explored. The Internet as well as Call Centers can be important channels for improving sales. Like ERP systems, e-commerce subsystems reduce operating and transactions costs. In addition, e-commerce benefits the organization by providing additional distribution channels.

Benefits include:

  1. An increase in Marketing and Sales options and flexibility
  2. A reduction in risk
  3. An increase in overall company value.

1. Increase Sales and Marketing options

  • Marketing
    • Increased marketing options include general awareness, attracting customers to website, and one-to-one marketing.
    • Internet marketing is less expensive and provides a wider reach than traditional media, can be executed quickly, and offers a faster response time with up-to-the-minute ROI reporting and measurements (especially when integrated with ERP and CRM systems
  • Sales
    • Increased customer contact for existing customers and prospects ensures a greater likelihood of sales. Cost per contact decreases allowing for more contacts. (See diagram 1.0)
    • A well-designed e-commerce website integreated with a call center lets targetted prospects obtain information and gain a sense that it is easy to do business with a company. Additionally, these channels should ensure happiness and retention of existing customers.
    • Existing customers can be sold complimentary products.
    • The broad reach of a 7/24 website with general marketing also attracts untargetted prospects for sales.

Diagram 1.0

Sales Channel Sales Method Vendor Cost Per Contact
Direct Sales Face to Face $500
Retail Captive, In-Store $300-$400
Resellers Distributor/VAR $200-$300
Call Center Telephone $25
Electronic No Human Contact $1


    • E-commerce allows companies to go after new customer segments that would have been cost prohibitive, including new country markets, vertical end-users, partners, smaller companies and more.
    • Goods can be marketed and sold at lower cost with faster time-to-market with an e-commerce website (and a Call Center for non-commodity products and services)
    • E-sales provide additional revenues, increase a company's profitability, and enable a company to respond faster to changing and unexpected market opportunities.

2. Reduction of Risk

3. Increase in Overall Company Value

The OTP Solution

OTP Software focuses on e-commerce, call center and strategic procurement solutions that are customized for your enterprise. (While we do offer less than full solution integration services to fit customer demand, these services are described in other sections of our website.) Here we introduce two hypothetical scenarios to illustrate what we can do, "A to Z", and to what levels we are willing to participate with customers.

Scenario #1 (Leveraging Your Business With the 'e' Channel)

A Foreign manufacturer of gourmet kitchen stoves is entering the U.S. market. The European brand name is known in the U.S. but market penetration is low due to high importation cost. The manufacturer decides to correct these problems by relocating assembly, parts and repair to Mexico and by intensifying U.S. Sales efforts, including opening an East Coast Distribution Center and a Sales Office that utilizes a B2C Internet sales channel. The manufacturer has an Oracle Supply-Chain and Financial System installed in Europe.

Scenario #2 (The Entrepreneurial or Affinity Group Project)

An entrepreneur resigns from his executive marketing position at a "Sailing Magazine"- equivalent. The executive comes to OTP with a business plan and a proposal to partner in bulding and owning a Internet-based sailboat reservation and sales company that attracts highly targetable customers initially to the top 15 charter companies in the world. They agree to work together on the following:

Revenues are generated from the following areas: