Major vendor partners

OTP provides services founded on open platforms from major vendors. These vendors have gained a substantial installed base, R&D resources, are committed to the internet and to e-commerce, are committed to ERP/CRM systems based on Oracle technologies and are committed to EAI.

Oracle Corporation

For many years, OTP Software has maintained a close business relationship with Oracle Corporation. Besides offering most Oracle related services, OTP Software is an authorized Oracle reseller. OTP Software has the sales/marketing and technical skills to sell all of Oracle's database, tools, data warehouse and Packaged Applications products.

Because of our Y2K practice and our status as an Oracle Millennium Program Partner, OTP Software developed relationships with Ravel Software Inc. and Mercury Interactive Corp. OTP Software is fully trained on both companies' products and is using them in Y2K and other engagements.

Sun Microsystems
Similar to Oracle, OTP Software, has a long-standing relationship with SUN Microsystems. OTP Software is a service provider, as well as an authorized reseller for Sun hardware (workstations and servers) and software products.

IBM Corporation

OTP Software is a Premier IBM Software Partner, specializing in E-Commerce Solutions. While we implement on DB2 Databases, one of our differentiating focuses is integration with Oracle 8 and 8I based solutions on IBM, SUN, and other popular hardware.

Microsoft Corporation
With experience in popular operating systems and desktop integration, OTP Software is a certified Microsoft solutions provider.

OTP staff maintains current Oracle, Sun, IBM, and Microsoft certifications.