OTP Software has the flexibility and experience to work in a wide range of enterprises and industries. Our customers can be broken down into the following percentage mix which approximately reflects the general customer mix from IBM, Sun, and Oracle.

Calendar 2000 Revenue Shares from 100+ Customers
Traditional Manufacturing and Distribution 15%
Pharmaceuticals 10%
High Technology & Internet Startups 35%
Public Sector, Health, and Higher Ed 15%
Professional Associations & Affinity Groups 10%
Financial Services, Telcom, Utilities, Other 15%

While we welcome good business in the general market place, we do offer specialized services to a few segments:

  • Mid-market companies or mid-size divisions of large companies
  • Internet Startups
  • International Firms
  • Public, Health Care, and Educational Sectors
  • Professional Associations and Affinity Groups

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