International Firms

OTP is interested in international trade creation (marketing, selling, service, buying, financing, distribution and manufacturing) for U.S. firms going abroad, foreign firms coming to the U.S. and foreign firms going to other non-U.S. countries.

We offer:


OTP has a special interest in working with customers selling non-commodity products who plan to enter U.S. markets. We can provide a hosted e-selling/call center/logistics support solution on our highly scalable systems that provides rapid time-to-market, fast results, and visibility/accountability with very low country entry investment. Our solution allows companies to experiment with international E-Commerce for very low cost from our headquarters in Silicon Valley, the current Internet Capital of the World. After a company has proven successful in the U.S. market, OTP can electronically interface its U.S. systems to a company's offshore operations, shift systems and operations to its own U.S. facilities, and/or provide continuing business and IT consulting. With the combined knowledge of over a dozen languages and experience with conducting commerce in +100 countries, OTP offers attractive financial and strategic opportunities to non-U.S. firms. Please call or e-mail us to explore these opportunities in more detail.