About the company

OTP Software, Inc., a member of the OTP Group, develops, implements and administers packaged ERP, CRM, and E-Commerce applications. Core competencies also include the delivery of functional and technical solutions in the following areas:



OTP Software has a total solutions consulting practice with over 120 consultants and eight business development professionals. Primary architectural platforms include Oracle, SUN and IBM. Locations include the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, New York City and China.

To accelerate access to leading edge technologies, OTP Software builds strategic relationships with private and public companies as well as start-ups. We maintain a "virtual" supply demand chain for the market introduction of innovative products and services. We have a proven track record and offer value propositions that are complementary to and distinct from generic software integration, venture, law and underwriting firms.

Latest Additions

Workspot and OTP Deliver Wireless Access to Enterprise CRM, ERP, and E-Commerce Applications

OTP Software Successfully Integrates IBM Websphere Commerce with Oracle ERP Backend for Unigen Corp.

OTP collaborates with HelloBrain.com to provide professional services websites


OTP also invests money, effort, and other resources in entrepreneurial ventures with companies and affinity groups in the U.S. and abroad.

For more information about OTP Software please call, 408-844-9899 or email, rkiran@otppartners.com .