OTP Software's Lead Generation Program

Got Leads?

OTP Software's Lead Generation Program allows individuals to receive "finder's fees" that are normally given to large companies. We are looking for referrals that lead us to the following types of projects.

If you can provide us with an e-commerce or Oracle Applications lead that converts to an OTP Software sale, we will pay you $1000 dollars or 5% of the Project Sale Price, depending on whichever amount is greater. For example, if you give us a contact or arrange a meeting that leads to a $200,000 project, you will receive $10,000.

Please call us at 650-324-4700 or e-mail noel@otpsoft.com if you have questions.


What is the procedure for supplying OTP Software with a lead?

1. Contact us by e-mail or telephone.

2. Give us the following information:

3. OTP Software will call you back within 72 hours to determine if the lead is acceptible. Acceptible leads are leads that we are not presently tracking within our database and will be in accordance with California state law. We will be happy to discuss all rejected leads on a case-by-case basis.

4. Accepted leads are assigned a lead number and a date. This information will be e-mailed to you.

5. An obligation to pay is contigent upon OTP Software signing a paid contract for the named project within twelve months of the assignment of a lead number.

6. A check made out to you or your favorite charity will be mailed within five days of our receipt of our first payment from the referred client.

Does termination of this promotion in any way impact OTP Software's obligation to pay?

Absolutely not.

How else can I help?

The more you can tell us about a potential account, the better. We want to know their current and future IT systems, the decision makers, and all the issues that bear upon the project.

Additional Rules

1. Marketing assistance fee programs are implemented under the terms and conditions that govern OTP Group operating requirements and are subject to the laws of the State of California. Furthermore, discounts to end customers are offered in good faith and they should initiate a win-win relationship for both parties.

2. Individuals are not entitled to additional compensation beyond $1000 or the percentage value of the initial project at a referred account. For example, ongoing maintenance and administration and/or follow-on projects at a referred account are not compensated.

3. The minimum project size must be $10,000 to qualify for a "finder's fee". Individuals will recieve a complimentary Handspring Visor for projects below that amount.

4. Individuals interested in executing these projects at their own company will receive a 5-100% discount for any of the projects listed above. Exact discount determined during qualification process.

5. Offer expires October 15, 2000.