Special Promotion: Your Own Private Exchange

OTP Software, at no cost to you, enables Private Exchange partnerships between HelloBrain.com and High Potential Organizations.

HelloBrain.com is a VC funded (Accel, Redpoint) company and launched (Dec. 1999) the first Intellectual Capital Exchange (www.hellobrain.com) where buyers post high-tech projects anonymously at no cost, and receive solutions/bids from expert solution providers (sellers) online. Their services provide a forum for online collaboration, verification and solution exchange and they manage the business transactions. HelloBrain has experienced great growth and success and has transacted approximately 300 projects to-date.

In collaboration with HelloBrain.com, OTP Software is enabling ISV's, IT/information portals, and other High Potential Organizations (HPO's) to create Private Exchanges. These Private Exchanges allow for buyers and sellers to bid, reply, and consummate deals for projects on the partner's website. (Please note the actual hosting of the exchange occurs via HelloBrain servers and does not have any impact on the operations of the partner's website). These exchanges are customized for an organization's business rules and branding needs:

  • HPO determines what kind of projects appear on the exchange and how they are organized. All exchange content is partner-specific.
  • The projects that appear on the Private Exchange may appear exclusively on the HPO's exchange or can appear throughout the HelloBrain network.
  • HPO controls access by buyers and/or sellers.
  • HPO determines all business rules of the exchange or can defer to HelloBrain's expertise.
  • Exchange can be designed to match look and feel of HPO's website for branding purposes (Available Fall 2000)

Besides attracting eyeballs and increasing stickiness of your website, the exchange provides HPO's a source of revenue. HPO's can take percentages of projects transacted over the exchange, charge subscription fees, or experiment with other business models. Depending on how you set up your exchange, HPO's can also decrease customer support costs and vitalize channel and services management.

Sound interesting? The best part is that the service is free. Besides a minor fee for setting up your Private Exchange, HelloBrain's administration of the exchange is free of charge since their revenue comes at the transaction point. HelloBrain manages contracts, collections, foreign currency exposure, and visas. That means almost no investment or defocus for your organization.

For more information, call OTP Software at 408-980-5200. You can also write us at noel@otpsoft.com.