OTP has traditionally focused on the design, implementation, upgrade, and administration of Oracle applications. We have performed 100+ implementations and upgrades of Oracle applications. We devote considerable resources to ERP and have the staff and the experience to finish on time, on spec, and within budget. Our strengths are in Private and Public Sector Financials, Distribution, Procurement, Project Accounting and Manufacturing. We also provide consulting services to our partners and vendors. For example, Oracle frequently engages our staff for consulting, pre-sales, integration, product development, partner development, technical support and education assignments.

OTP Software is on pace with the constantly changing business and technical environment. We support 2 and 3 tier character based architectures. We support client/server character and GUI. We install, configure and upgrade to Internet based architectures. We develop EDI and XML interfaces to customers and suppliers. We design interfaces between leading E-commerce Storefronts and Oracle Packaged Applications Subsystems. We implement new modules in our traditional areas of expertise including the latest CRM modules, 11i upgrades, and wireless applications. We provide various EAI services, which are increasingly Java based. We are web-oriented and web-experienced, providing the necessary solutions to maintain your organization's competitive edge.

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The OTP Team

OTP focuses on the design, implementation and administration of Oracle Applications and can play a pivotal role in your Release 11i implementation and much, more.

Leveraging the "e" in ERP

An e-commerce site is a good start. But when you integrate it with the enterprise, the potential efficiency of your business systems increases in magnitude. OTP builds interfaces between leading e-commerce software packages and Oracle applications to leverage the 'e' in your ERP.

Upgrades & Implementations

Are you considering an upgrade to Release 11? Are you planning to add new modules to your existing system. OTP can play a pivotal role in a smooth and easy upgrade or implementation.

11i Upgrades

Upgrading to 11i offers many benefits. Upgrading with OTP Software offers even more benefits. Read in this section about our Special Promotion.

The OTP Team

Since 1992, OTP has focused on the design, implementation and administration of Oracle Applications, including:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Planning and Installation
  • Configuration and Conference Room Pilot
  • Data Conversions, Interfaces and Modifications
  • Full System Integration End User Acceptance Testing, Documentation and Training
  • Transition to Production
  • Post "Go live" Cleanup

OTP has the experience, references, and a proven ability to execute:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • E-commerce
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Workflow and Alerts
  • Web/Internet Implementations
  • OLAP
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Conversion Projects
  • JAVA Application Development

Leveraging the "e" in ERP

An e-commerce site is a good start. But when you integrate it with the enterprise, the profit generating capacity can increase many times (coming from added revenues, strategic procurement and improved efficiency of your business systems). Furthermore, ROI and strategic returns should be expected from incremental investments targeted to increase sales, customers, customer retention and important partnerships. This is to be expected because you are leveraging and expanding upon your First Wave ERP baseline system. OTP helps you secure your "base" and gain efficiency. OTP helps you culturally, functionally and technically synthesize to gain effectiveness.

Oracle Applications + IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite = e-Business now!

Do you want an integrated e-commerce/ERP solution today? If you need it to be scalable, proven, and inexpensive, you can't afford to wait for a single-vendor solution. OTP Software integrates Oracle Applications, the #1 ERP system, with IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite, the #1 webstore application.

Our solution is battle-proven and efficient. Additionally, IBM WCS has over 10,000 implementations (100x more times than Oracle iStore) and will be improved and supported for many years to come.

The IBM Webstore also runs on Oracle databases, the database of choice for 96% of the e-50.

OTP Software can also integrate IBM WCS with the other enterprise systems:

  • Oracle CRM Applications
  • Pre-Sales Systems
  • Customer & Prospect Databases
  • JDE OneWorld
  • Call Center Application
  • We also tune and upgrade interfaces for Release 11i and beyond.

Upgrades and Implementations

An Oracle applications implementation or upgrade is no easy task. Perhaps you upgraded to 10.7 for Y2K compliance and you're not in the mood for another transition. Upgrades and implementations take enormous resources from your IT organization, but the benefits usually far outweigh the risks.

These releases are more then mere numbers. They are the means to make your organization efficient, profitable, and competitive. As you move into the future with Release 11i and beyond, OTP can play a pivotal role in a smooth and easy implementation. We often provide free requirements analysis and scoping to help you make informed decisions. We have a record of over 100 successful upgrades and implementations and the references to prove our customers are satisfied.

OTP stresses flexibility when working with a client. Whether you'd like a turnkey solution or a 60/40 labor distribution we can provide it. We offer customized training for companies that want to maintain their own systems and can provide administration long beyond the time of go-live.

Release 11i Upgrades

Upgrading to 11i includes the following benefits:

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Ability to take advantage of additional functionality
  • Self-service applications
  • Added functionality in new modules like I-marketing and field service
  • Support for SFA and other including Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Palm support

OTP Software adds value in the following ways:

  • Oracle Apps are a core competency of OTP Software. We have performed upgrades prior to 9.x and as an Oracle Millennium Partner we have assisted many organizations in upgrading to 10.7 Y2K compliancy.
  • Because we have performed numerous 11.x installations and upgrades, we are well prepared to assist with 11i upgrades.
  • We have experienced project managers, functional consultants and technical consultants to perform the task.
  • Our consultants use Oracle-endorsed methodologies ,including EMM (Easipath Migration Method) for upgrades.
  • Requirements Analysis are performed for little or no cost
  • Experienced teams of Senior consultants who have worked together before on numerous projects
  • Strong flexibility when working with clients, including turnkey solutions as well as 60/40 labor distribution for projects
  • Customized training for companies
  • Continued support and administration after GoLive

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The rapid introduction of new products and logical product suites on different operating systems on different releases can be a little dizzying, functionally redundant and sometimes in a "state of flux". Oracle Corporation recognizes that this complexity will not go away soon, if ever. In this section, OTP highlights the features of three releases and explains the value we may add to the evaluation, planning and execution of your next implementation or upgrade.