Through higher levels of customer interaction, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications leverage a customer's knowledge to better identify, sell to and service the customer's needs and thereby improve profits.

Best known for its database technology and ERP applications, Oracle has moved rapidly into the expanding CRM market. offering a comprehensive suite of applications that address every stage and aspect of the customer-centric life cycles. While ERP implementations can result in improved organizational efficiency, CRM can reduce sales cycles and selling costs. By integrating ERP and CRM systems, organizations can become more operationally efficient and effective in their relationships, while opening up new doors and business opportunities in key emerging areas of e-business.

OTP's Value

OTP provides services to allow customers to immediately take advantage of Oracle CRM products. In today's customer-centric world of e-commerce, a sale can be lost in a single click of the mouse. Knowing and servicing your customers is becoming a necessity to remain competitive.

Along with world-class expertise in Oracle Applications, OTP has significant experience selling, supplying, and supporting every distribution channel with products ranging from simple commodity hard goods, financial services, software, and complex consulting in more than 100 countries. Our staff also has strategic planners and marketers that look beyond the sales cycle. We are ready to grow with you, module by module, as you work towards a comprehensive CRM implementation.



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The Oracle CRM suite consists of five suites of applications: integrated sales, marketing, service, e-commerce, and call center applications. Click on any part of the image to find out more about a specific offering.