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Augeo Software Leads Professional Services Automation Market with Key Partnerships and European Expansion

SAN JOSE, Calif.-September 27, 1999- Augeo Software, Inc., the global leader in professional services automation (PSA), today announced both new partnerships and the opening of its U.K. office, furthering the company's lead in this fast-growing market.

Augeo now boasts a significant network of reseller and implementation partner relationships in the U.S., the U.K., the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries. The company will also expand its European operation to the UK by opening a London sales office at the end of this month.

"We are continuing to expand our already robust infrastructure by developing relationships with partners that are dedicated to selling and implementing the Augeo PSA solution. In fact, most of these organizations have implemented Intelligent Planner in their own operations," said John Orcutt, president and CEO of Augeo Software.

"With well-established sales offices in France, Germany and Holland, our U.K. expansion further fortifies Augeo's strong presence in the European market,"continued Orcutt. "At the same time, we're making great strides in building our infrastructure in the U.S. as we add new customers and partners."

Augeo Partnerships

Augeo's resellers employ a dedicated team to develop business using Augeo's PSA solution. The company's implementation partners receive extensive training on Intelligent Planner™-Augeo's PSA solution-and provide their clients with professional services around the Intelligent Planner solution. They also integrate the product with their own and other industry standard applications.

United States:

Cotelligent is an Augeo implementation partner that provides information technology (IT) consulting and outsourcing services to organizations with complex information system and technology operations. The company's Technology Solutions Practice in San Jose focuses on consulting for IT support and maintenance infrastructures and will implement Augeo's Intelligent Planner for its clients.

OTP Software, Inc. is an Augeo implementation partner. The organization's rapidly growing consulting practice has over 120 consultants and eight business development professionals based out of offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and New York City. The organization will develop a consulting practice around Augeo's Intelligent Planner.

United Kingdom:

Program Planning Professionals (Pcubed)is an Augeo implementation partner. The organization is a well known U.K. PSO that focuses on ensuring the success of its clients' programs and projects.

Additional European partners:

  • MCM Partners in France and Switzerland - Augeo implementation partner
  • Advertance in France - Augeo implementation partner
  • KSI Automation in Benelux - Augeo reseller which has developed an extensive Augeo user base in large financial institutions and PSOs
  • VCD Automatisering in the Netherlands - Augeo reseller.
  • KSI International in The Netherlands - Augeo implementation partner  

About Augeo's Solution

Designed for large Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) -- high-tech consulting firms, systems integrators, product service groups and corporate IT departments -- Augeo's Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, Intelligent Planner ™, dramatically improves profitability and organizational effectiveness by more strategically managing an organization's resources, projects and corporate intellect. Intelligent Planner comprehensively automates critical aspects of an engagement lifecycle. It includes features for initial client planning, project execution, post-project feedback, and process improvement. The solution enables an organization to: obtain better visibility and predictability of resource requirements and workload estimates; achieve more timely and profitable engagement completion; and, improve client satisfaction. It also empowers organizations to leverage corporate intellect by capturing and sharing critical knowledge and methodologies acquired at client sites. These best practices can then be re-used in future client engagements, improving organizational profitability. Intelligent Planner also combines the strengths of client/server and Internet technologies to ensure reliability, accessibility, and scalability across a virtual enterprise.

About Augeo Software

Augeo Software is the leading professional services automation (PSA) solution provider. Augeo's solution helps professional service organizations and corporate IT departments improve profitability and organizational effectiveness by comprehensively automating and optimizing the critical stages of an engagement life cycle. Founded in Europe in 1991, Augeo's headquarters are located in San Jose, CA, with additional offices in France, Benelux, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Augeo's proven solution is currently being used by over 100 customers worldwide, including Fortis, Cotelligent, and AXA. For more information about Augeo and its leading PSA solution, call 1-877-292-7400 or 408-292-7400, or visit