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OTP Software Selects Augeo's Intelligent Planner for Professional Services Automation

Augeo's PSA Solution to Manage OTP Software's Growing Consulting Practice

SAN JOSE, Calif.-September 1, 1999- Augeo Software, Inc., global leader in professional services automation (PSA), announced today that OTP Software, Inc. will implement Augeo's Intelligent PlannerTM in its IT/ management consulting and implementation firm.

Similar to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that automate the mission-critical processes of manufacturing or product-centric organizations, Augeo's PSA solution, Intelligent Planner, is specifically designed to automate the "practice-critical" business processes of consulting and service organizations. The company will install the product in September and expects to roll the product out to the entire organization in the year 2000.

OTP Software selected Augeo's Intelligent Planner because of Augeo's established user base of over 100 customers in Europe, and because the product's functionality demonstrates Augeo's knowledge and understanding of consulting organizations.

"OTP is the classic user of Augeo's Intelligent Planner," said John Orcutt, president and CEO of Augeo Software. "This is a PSO that is rapidly growing and in need of a solution to manage its resources, projects and intellect to maintain client satisfaction and continue its upward growth."

"By automating our business with Intelligent Planner, we expect to achieve a better view of our consulting resource requirements for our current and future engagements," said Peter Liljegren, Partner, OTP Software. "This will ultimately enable us to provide even better service to our clients."

"Augeo's pace is rapidly escalating," continued Orcutt. "Our momentum couldn't be stronger, as we grow our domestic sales team and become as successful in the PSA market in the United States, as we are in Europe."

About Augeo's Solution
Designed for large Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) -- high-tech consulting firms, systems integrators, product service groups and corporate IT departments -- Augeo's solution, Intelligent Planner TM, dramatically improves profitability and organizational effectiveness by more strategically managing an organization's resources, projects and corporate intellect. Intelligent Planner comprehensively automates the entire life cycle of an engagement portfolio and includes features for initial client planning, project execution, post-project feedback, and process improvement. This enables an organization to secure better visibility and predictability of resource requirements and workload estimates, achieves more timely and profitable engagement completion, and improves client satisfaction. It also enables organizations to leverage corporate intellect by capturing and sharing critical knowledge and methodologies acquired at client sites. These best practices can then be re-used in future client engagements, improving organizational profitability. Intelligent Planner also combines the strengths of client/server and Internet technologies to ensure reliability, accessibility, and scalability across a virtual enterprise.

About OTP Software
OTP Software, Inc., a member of the OTP Group, develops, implements and administers packaged ERP, CRM, and E-Commerce applications, databases, and internet- based information systems. The company's competencies include the delivery of functional and technical solutions as well as the development, implementation and support of EAI products. OTP Software's rapidly growing consulting practice has over 120 consultants and eight business development professionals based out of offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and New York City. The company's primary architectural platforms include Oracle, SUN and IBM. To accelerate access to leading edge technologies, OTP Software builds strategic relationships with "high potential" private companies and Internet start-ups. Founded more than 10 years ago, OTP Group is an IT management, implementation and product development firm. For more information please call toll free, 1-877-324-4700 or email,

About Augeo Software
Augeo Software is the leading professional services automation (PSA) solution provider. Augeo's applications help professional service organizations and corporate IT departments improve profitability and organizational effectiveness by comprehensively automating the entire life cycle of an engagement portfolio. Founded in Europe in 1991, Augeo's headquarters are located in San Jose, CA, with additional offices in France, Benelux, Germany and Canada. Augeo's proven solution is currently being used by nearly 100 customers worldwide, including Fortis, MAAF and AXA. For more information about Augeo and its leading PSA solution, call 1-877-292-7400 or 408-292-7400, or visit