OTP Group Affiliations

Turnkey Solutions

TurnKey Solutions Corp. is a leading provider of quality assurance and testing services for Oracle Applications and third party systems. They also offer services for "bet your business" e-commerce implementations and their integration to ERP systems. Recognized as a premier provider of testing services, TurnKey has assisted Oracle Consulting in designing and constructing the Oracle Consulting in designing and constructing the Oracle Applications Test Kit and is uniquely qualified to help companies implement this kit in their testing environments. Turnkey also works closely with Mercury Interactive. They bring unit-system-enterprise value to: Y2K projects, new product development, e-commerce scaling, EAI testing, prototype demonstrations and pilots of new/customized e-commerce systems, and planning and testing of mission critical systems before going live. Contact OTP Software or Turnkey Solutions in Colorado to learn more about our consulting services and products.


Mediaplex has an unwavering focus on making Web media work for advertisers. Theyinvest considerable time and resources in understanding our client's business objectives in order to deliver results. Mediaplex specializes in Web media, providing planning and buying services across all publishing networks and independent Web sites. This company owns and controls all aspects of campaign management and execution, including its industry-leading ad serving and reporting technology. Clients view real-time reports, customized to each advertiser, which show performance data from impressions and click-throughs to conversions, sales and ROI. OTPSoftware integrates Mediaplex systems to IBM NetCommerce, Oracle Webstore and other e-commerce front ends. OTPSoftware also integrates Mediaplex systems to Oracle ERP backends. Call OTPSoftware to discuss powerful new e-commerce applications.


Augeo Software, the leading global provider of Professional Services Automation solutions, is committed to improving the profitability and value of a professional services organization (PSO) by optimizing resources, planning and execution across an entire engagement portfolio. Whether your organization is a consulting firm, a product company with a professional service organization, an IT department operating as a PSO, or a systems integrator, Augeo’s solution will optimize your organizational effectiveness and improve your profitability. In a world where the internet changes almost everything, Augeo allows mid market and large organizations to effectively mobilize to the new challenges, in accordance with strategic objectives. Augeo helps monitor and manage portfolios of projects and people (staff, consulting organizations, contractors and third party hosts) -giving warning signals before problems hit. OTPSoftware internally uses and implements Augeo software.


Faced with privatization and increasing competition, the telecommunications and satellite industries are offering new services over increasingly powerful networks. Satellite communication is becoming more prevalent and less expensive, and it brings people together like never before. Fantastic's end-to-end solution of software, technology, consulting services, standardized channels/applications bring broadband multimedia to life, and all the benefits of communication to you. Fantastic is a heavily funded technology-rich broadband company with strong ties in the United States and Europe. Lucent Technologies is one of their American strategic partners. Contact OTPSoftware or Fantastic to learn more about consulting services and products.


Filemark Corporation develops, sells and supports client/server and Internet-based solutions for the Enterprise Record Management market under the brand name SMARTi(TM). SMARTi is a horizontal application that fulfills virtually any company's requirements for instant, high-capacity data retrieval, while eliminating paper, microfiche or microfilm. OTP Software has developed and supports interfaces between Filemark products and popular releases of Oracle's Packaged Applications.


Promatis specializes in the field of business process management as a supplier of Oracle-based solutions and Oracle Packaged Applications enhancement products. Promatis is dedicated to the development of functionally leading software products that are easy to implement and use: workflow, data marts, financial analysis, sales analysis and more. Promatis' Headquarters is located in Germany and they are a German Oracle OPP Partner. Promatis has recently opened a California based sales and support office. OTP Software implements and can sell Promatis products in the United States. Promatis can do the same for OTP in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.