OTP Software has been a proven supplier of IT Services since 1992. With our stable of 120+ consultants, we offer both technical and functional consulting for anything from a large project to a short-term contract services. Whether you are planning or already performing an implementation or an upgrade, OTP can help you with any and every step of the project life-cycle.

Planning and Project Management: With appropriate participation of client staff, we plan and manage projects to be high quality, on-time, and within budget. Projects are organized around deliverables and end-goals are never forgotten. We analyze business requirements, workflows and processes. We design architecture and execution strategies according to market directions, client legacy, and the capacity of each client for handling change. Our project methodologies and documentation practices are proven, practical and suitable for the Mid-Market, fast paced Internet Start-ups, and less technically sophisticated organizations.

Implementation: We implement and upgrade systems at traditional sites and in combination with hosting providers: including any necessary customizations, interfaces, data conversion, and testing (We do performance and integration testing for both UNIX and NT platforms.).

Post-Implementation: We provide customized training, "train the trainer" and technology transfer to prepare your organization. Leveraging the technology of the Internet, we provide on-site and remote Web Master, DBA, SA, programmer and business analyst support.

Other Services: We also have experience with special projects, including domestic and international sales consulting, international finance, trade documentation, market intelligence, product enhancements and certifications.

Our Specialties: ERP systems, E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management,and Technology.